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Phoenix, · indeed

DADA Sign Ups - the OOC version!

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This post will hold all the partner listings as I am aware of them. Please comment below if I have a group wrong or if you find that you will be unable to RP during the class. All characters designated by an asterisks are assumed in class but will be inactive. Thanks! :D


Remus Lupin

Brienne of Tarth

Miles Vorkosigan

Tyrion Lannister

Meg Murry

Arya Stark

Noah Bennett


Ray Kowalski

Laura Palmer

Sidney Reilly

Veronica Mars

Doug Murphy

Chance Silvey

Stephanie Brown

Dr. Perry Cox

Zelgadiss Greywords

Benton Fraser


Harry Dresden

Susan Sto Helit

Reinette Poisson


Charles Ofdensen

The Exile

Captain Jack Sparrow savvy


Molly Michon

Damien Thorn

Dieter Prohl

Billy Brennan

Mayday Parker*

Lola Sanchez

Rachel Morgan

Archie Kennedy

Captain Jack Harkness

Jeanne Fránçaix

328 and 329


Dean Winchester

Sam Winchester

Pam Beesley

Strong Sad

Michael Scott

Harry Potter

Professor Homsar

Mr. Universe

Special Agent Dale Cooper
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